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Welcome to
Illinois Incentive Representatives Online

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We Are a Key Piece of Your Promotion Puzzle

We are your exclusive factory direct representatives in Illinois, Northern Indiana, and Wisconsin for the premium/incentive, corporate gifts and promotional products marketplace for brand name manufacturers that are committed to making your promotion a true success.

We Have The Experience And The Knowledge To Help

With over 30 years experience in the incentive industry in sales, management and marketing, we can help you in your selection of merchandise for your promotion. We can help you obtain the collateral materials you need, get you set up with a line of credit directly with the manufacturer as well as offer honest information and recommendations that will fit your budget and motivate your target audience.

We Make It Easy For You To Do Your Job

This site has been designed to provide you with an easy way to access information on our various manufacturers. You can search products by price points, categories or brands.  Access helpful tips through the "Inviting Incentives" tab, and find informative videos in "Product Demonstrations". Please check out the "Supplier Policies" tab at the top of this page for helpful information.

Contact Us:

Andreana Trebes:andreana@illinoisincentive.com

Phone:(630) 855-3772


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