As a Manufacturer Representative of many different retail brands and product lines, we cannot change or make exceptions to Supplier Policies. 
We function as direct factory agents for the brand name manufactuers you see on our website and we must adhere to Supplier policies, rules and regulations.


  • New Accounts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Tracking Information
  • Returns
  • Foreign Shipments
  • In general, it can take up to 10 business days to open a direct line of credit with the Manufacturer.  The time frame depends on how quickly your bank/credit references return phone calls.
  • A Supplier Credit Application must be filled out for most of our Suppliers and signed; credit references and a sales tax certificate must be submitted along with the signed credit application to begin the process.
  • If your order must be rushed many of our Suppliers will accept credit cards or allow a portion of the order to be placed on a credit card while the balance due is invoiced with special terms.
  • In some instances, even though a resale certificate has been submitted for sales tax, some Suppliers are required by law to charge for out of state shipments.
  • In general most accounts are set up with NET 30 DAY Terms.  Some Suppliers require CASH IN ADVANCE for the first order(s) until a relationship is established.
  • A Customer Purchase order is required by the Supplier in order to process a shipment request.
  • The Purchase Order should be made out to the Supplier and include Bill To Address, Ship To Address, model or item#, qty required, in hands date and net cost(s).
  • IIR, Inc. can not issue the Purchase Order or complete the Purchase Order on behalf of the customer.
  • IIR, Inc. does not take possession of any product or invoice the orders that are sold.
  • The Supplier invoices the customer directly.
  • The Customer makes the check payable to the Supplier and mails the check to the Supplier Accounts Receivable Department.
  • The invoice from the Supplier will break out the net cost of each item, any handling and shipping charges and sales tax as separate line items.  Some Suppliers combine the shipping and handling charges into one flat fee.
  • Although we can obtain tracking information from the Supplier it is generally not the Manufactuer Representative's main function. 
  • Our Suppliers DO NOT offer stock balancing programs.  Our Suppliers will not take back overstock from a Program once the Program is over.
  • Product that arrives damaged should be rejected by the recipient.
  • All Returns must be approved by the Supplier and an RA must be issued.
  • Returns for undamaged product may incurr a 15-25% restocking charge.
  • Domestic Suppliers do not handle foreign shipments.  Please advise us of Program requirements so that we may help you come up with alternative solutions for foreign participants.  Some Suppliers may ship to Canada with a 3rd Party Shipper Number and additional handling charge. 

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